MOTU VS. THE HORDE classic art done by me in 1986!!

Hi, my brothers (Randy, Brian) & I had done some fall-cleaning a couple weeks back & stumbled across this piece of Classic MOTU Art that I had done as a child waaay back in 1986!! A big surprise to me was the inclusion of the infamous "FEARLESS PHOTOG!!"
FIGURES from left to right: Grizzlor, Hordak, Roboto, Buzz-Off (captured), FEARLESS PHOTOG (!) (tangled in tree), & Flying Fists He-Man...
AT THE SLIMEPIT: Modulok (blacked-out), Leech, Sy-Klone (trapped), & finally Mantenna.

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Here is some history about the piece:
1. A professional trend that I still use today is of course drawing from models. With the case of MOTU I draw from the figures/stactions. This was even true back when I was a child drawing this piece. As you can see everyone but the non-produced Photog is drawn from the toys. I must have used the illustration from Mattel as my reference for him.

2. As a child I always drew entirely in PEN!! So this piece (like my others growing up) was done in ONE TAKE with no erasing!! I used to like the dark lines that pens created as a child because pencil seemed too soft...and I wanted the bold lines that I would see in cartoons & comics. So this piece was completely done with ball-point blue pen, with no erasing!!

3. I must have been pretty excited about "Fearless Photog" as a boy because for me to include a toy I didn't have in my art is pretty unique to this piece!! For those of you not familiar with "Fearless Photog," he was the winning entry for the "Create A Character" contest way back in 1986 by Mattel for the MOTU line. The (then) 11-year-old boy who created him was Nathan Bitner. In the end, Nathan did recieve some prizes from Mattel but the character was never actually produced. -_-

4. This piece is LARGE. 18w X 12h ... on heavy stock paper, clumsily folded & yellowed from age, & scanned in sections! Even though I drew MOTU often as a boy, this maybe the oldest piece I have still available.

Thanks for looking, as I was excited about sharing this on the art blog, because for me this is truly a piece of MY personal Masters Of The Universe History!!

*update* this picture shows up as the 18th most popular image in Google for Sy-Klone, thanks to my brothers for showing me this one!! ^_-


  1. the suspense is killing me!!!

  2. Hey BIG thanks guys! But I hope you won't be TOO disappointed. The project I was referring to is not "Berzerk" story if that is what you are thinking. ~_~ That still has a LONG way to go. My PC had been infected & I had to reformat & with the size of my hardrive it literally took me WEEKS to back everything up. So that was the "Project" ...But I will have some new stuff up shortly now that I am back up to speed, including new MOTU and even G.I.JOE art!! Stay tooned...

  3. nonetheless, i can't wait-- motu AND gi joe?? it's like x-mas came early! ;)

  4. Finally updated with Oldskool MOTU Art I did as a kid way back in 1986!!