Unhallowed Cards 2 ~A-Mini-A-Month

Here is part 2 of my new personal project for D&D Minatures "A-Mini-A-Month."
This time featuring the "Dwarf Battlerager" from Unhallowed. This was the 1st image I colored for this project (3rd drawn) & he was actually a Chaotic swap suggested by my brother Brian for the "Cormyrean War Wizard" to have the complete Chaotic Good gel for the combined final "Unhallowed" image (still planned). In the meantime enjoy the "Dwarf Battlerager" as the AMAM card version!

This repaint of the "Vampire Hunter" (based on the actual repaint of the VH that was made) , is dedicated to my champion DDM friend Erik Nelson, who has given me & my peeps so much help & time in both the teaching of the game, as well as with beefing-up our collections. He helped to influence me & my friends collecting, as well as definately starting the DDM game with his kindness in helping a group of us see what an enjoyable experience DDM can be. I can't thank him enough... he actually gave me the following mini for my collection! Thanks Erik, this one's for you!


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Blogging2Retire??...Myth or Fact??
    Blogging 2 Retire You decide....=)

  2. Anonymous12:23 AM

    from ERIK!

    Looks, GREAT!, Thanks for the Props!! I think your art looks better as the repaint. It looks better with the lighter back ground too.