Unhallowed Cards 3 ~A Mini-A-Month

*UPDATED!! 9.3.07*
Lyrandar Skyfire Captain... A very useful piece for us fans of "Chaotic Good", I know I liked having him on my team. Not a great looking Mini but I tried to do him justice as he has a very LOTR feel to him. This was the last drawing I did for my "Unhallowed Composition" presented here for the 1st time in the D&D ~AMAM Card format I have been working with. I fully plan on finishing the comp... possibly around Halloween time. With DDM 1.0 coming to an end, (as it was annouced in August 2007), I don't how many more of these DDM cards I will actually be doing as I am not sure of my future just yet with the game. The good news is I'm optimistic about the up-and-coming 2.0... And I also have a few drawings of DDM 1.0 that are already completed, & I promise to finish those up ^_- ....plus most of my favorite minis I have never drawn, so I may just get inspired sometime to draw them... Jafari-style!!

You can see the original "Lyrandar SkyFire Captain" Miniature here:

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