Introducing: D&D: A-MINI-A-MONTH! ~Unhallowed

I came up with this concept of a new art challenge for myself in some of my rare spare-time ...doing at least one art piece of a D&D Mini every month... Thus "A-Mini-A-Month" was born. ^_^ Showcasing at least one of my faveorite D&D Minatures from the 100's to choose from in a character illustration card-style format... once a month. So I developed a card that looks a bit like the official WOTC card's but will be colorizing them different to what I think is a better colored background for the Mini I am presenting. The Mini will be in full color & my drawing interpretation of the actual Minature game piece itself. I think it will keep the blog fresh, challenge myself to work on these inbetween my other ongoing art projects, as well as get to deliver some illustrations of some of my faveorite Minis which may not appear in some of my illustrations otherwise that appear here on this blog.
These first 2 where created for a bigger "Unhallowed" illustration (with background) that will probably appear on the blog later, but for now my Mini-A-Month starts off with 2 of my faveorite Uncommons from the Unhallowed series... Vampire Hunter & Cleric Of Sune!

See the minatures the art is based on here at the official Miniature gallery of Unhallowed, DDM's 1st series release of 2007...


  1. hi i like what you've donewith your project. i made some custom cardsets sometime ago. my lasyt one was an 'aquatic' set just for kicks. wouldlove to see more from you.

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    post from my friend badnut at alwaysannasophia:
    i love your work, this is one of my favourites i found on your site :D she looks a little "annasophia" too i think ;D