TEELA Avatar Mania!!!

Some Art filler for the fans! (Kind of like a live album in a discography... ^_-) as I have been working on several projects which none are quite ready yet, but will be soon... ^_^

Here's some of my Avatar's I created for the MOTU forums, etc. all using my #1 Master Girl Teela!
This 1st one I created in 2005 when I posted my 1st artwork on He-Man.Org. I felt I needed an Avatar to express my art when people saw me for the 1st time & Teela was the perfect choice! It is a mix of Classic & 200X Teela...so I'm celebrating both old & new skool...basically you have 200X Teela in Classic Teela's outfit, the actual Avatar differs slightly from this image as there is a flat pale yellow packground rather than the strong yellow of the Eternian sky used in some of my imagery (based on the 200X Animation color palette). This is the full version of the image. I use this pic as my Teela "template" for her hair & face porprtions & still use a version of this basic Avatar today...

The following Teela Avatars were all created in 2006...
This next avatar was made as a promotion for the "MOTU BERSERK" Illustrated Story, I specifically drew it for the sadly now defunct "Grayskull Chronicles" website to generate some interest, & it certainly did! The final avatar was cropped to titalate the viewer... ^_- Although this scantily clad Teela will not be the final version. Neither will the other version seen in a preview in this blog as I am currently still working on this Jungle Girl Adventure project at this time ...although I promise the final version will be something very similar! ^_-) Anyways the fans seem to enjoy the sexy romp that awaits & this was a great way to see what the hardcore art fanbase thought, & thankfully they liked it! ^_-

This Teela Avatar was made for He-Man.Org as an update taken from my "King Of Castle Grayskull" work with a new background, & remains currently unused...
This final Teela Avatar was created for this blog (as a profile image) recolored off of the SD Art Collection featuring 200X Teela in "classic colors"
More ALL NEW art to come so stay tooned!!!...


  1. gotta love that berserk-avatar. :)

  2. Cool Avatars JS. Loooking forward to that comic you're working on. :)

  3. I'm also eagerly anticipating your "upcoming" projects :)

    Great work all around and I'll try to be a better blog supporter in the coming days (as I always visit :) )

  4. Thanks fellas for your nice comments & compliments! I promise that there will be plenty of MOTU art in the future & I really thank you all for stopping by the blog & giving me your thoughts & support! You guys ROCK & are the best out there!
    I'm always working on my projects for Masters & other stuff & I promise it will be worth the wait!
    Thanks again, & you can count on me visting your fantastic art blogs as well!