Masters Of The Universe Origins Part 10!!

The 4 "All-Girl" follow-up to my previous "She-Ra" sneak peak!

A character from DC Comics & specifically tied to this project via the modern DC VS MOTU series. Black Alice's look reminds me so much of the type of work I did in college for character designs, that I just had to include her, she's like a throwback to myself. lol
In this story, Black Alice was practicing rituals to contact inter-dimensional demons through portal phenomenon and was eventually graced (or cursed), with the Demon King of Eternia Skeletor. Black Alice serves as Skeletor's liaison, votary, informant, and as a magical vessel for him to cross through space and time to Earth as either a conquest or an escape!
DRAGON QUEEN (as a young girl):
Based on the lead villianess from the Galoob line "Golden Girl and the Guardians Of The Gemstone" which was another (and probably the best known/successful) She-Ra-inspired-competing-line of the 80's. I picture most of these characters to be somewhat younger than their POP contemporaries. Here as a child, the Dragon Queen (once the Dragon Princess) was forced into her role when Skeletor invaded Storm Isle, and killed her parents (the Dragon King/Queen) and many of her people. This act was made to capture, steal, and later control the Dragons that are native to her land. For protection for her people against Skeletor's future plans, the now child Dragon Queen formed an uneasy alliance with the Snake Men Clan's Priest "Kobra Khan." Her assigned guardian is the "Dragon Lord" & her horse is named "Shadow."

Based on the 1986 MOTU Annual that shows He-Man talking to a Mermaid, this character can also can fulfill the role of "Mermista." I added a couple of my own minor touches to this design to make her look a little less human. Although usually mistrustful of land dwellers, in this story the Mermaid aids He-Man & She-Ra's traveling alliance with information of the Horde's route thru the sea on giant ships to bring in their forces over from the far off Fright Zone to Monarch, her advanced warning ready's the Heroic Forces for impending danger.
Pebblass was added as a guilty pleasure to this series, her name given to her by TG is just too much fun. lol Pebblass represents one of the 5 members of the Rock People who meteored to Eternia in search of peace from a galactic war that tore apart her home world. Fun & flirty, Pebblass & her fellow Rock People have joined He-Man & the Heroic Warriors, to assist their new welcoming allies in hopes of peace from the on coming Horde war.

fun personal facts:
I scored a Dragon Queen figure MIB a couple years back for $20 on ebay, not to shabby...lol
The recent Classics figure of Mermista helped propel her to be finished sooner than later in the art lineup. She is also the only art card that does not have a featured weapon.
Pebblass' gun is based on "Solitaire's" sword from the classic "Rock Lords" line.
Black Alice is a character I wish they would make an action figure of in one of the many DC lines. ;-)

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