KABUTO MUSHI 2/6/15 release (being a part of the magic!!) XD

"Galactic Emperor"
ver 1:
final product:
 I have been coloring the official Kabuto Mushi mechanicals by Pat Bussey in various colors (based on homages) and submitting them to Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen (the figure's creator) these past couple months as color concept possibilities for his wonderful Glyos buildable figure. Marty is an endless well of talent & ideas so for him to take my concepts into consideration was a true honor. What was special about this particular color combo was Marty went with the one that I submitted that actually came from an idea for a color scheme that I had concocted at work not based on anything specific, just an idea for colors that I thought would look cool on Kabuto Mushi. The fact that he could pull DBZ's "Freiza" from this color combo & improve upon it was a perfect union of tribute and Japanese pop culture character recognition. He also took my recommendation of painting the inner circle on the bug's head as a new paint mask!
It's moments like this as an artist and friend that really will stay with you forever! 
The white is a metallic and the purple & red (etc. details) are painted on the pvc.
I can't thank Marty enough for this opportunity, it really is a dream come true to be a part of the magic that is his amazing Kabuto Mushi figure. 
The other 2 Japanese tribute figures available tonight will be the "Ultraman" homage (metallic silver & red) & "Henshin Cyborg" homage, all are just $16 each while supplies last!

 product shots:

 My version 2, and 2 more versions I did after the final with Marty's revisions advice.

Marty's final mechanical
I'm so pleased to see this colorway make production and cannot thank you enough brother.

^^^ 2/12/15 Update:  He's here and he is amazing!!!

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