NA EVIL Man-At-Amrs "Rusty Copper" homage custom figure

Much to my surprise & delight, He-Man.Org member "Faceless One" made this custom from a MOTU 200X Zodak into my character design of the New Adventures inspired "Evil Man-At-Arms!!"

In his own words: "The first custom I made from a fanart, in this case Evil Man-At-Arms. I chose the rusty version, as it was in my opinion the best one. The base figure was a 200x Zodak."

I think he did an amazing job & I love seeing my character designs inspire other artists.
So a big thanks to "Faceless One" for alerting me to his custom & letting me post the images here!!

My Original Recolored Art:
NA MAN-AT-ARMS ~Rusty version:
The color scheme for this version is influenced by the Fewture Devilman alternate color fig of "ZANN" made years ago & a rusty tin-man...

Original custom thread link: Evil Man-At-Arms (JafariStew design)


  1. Holy crap! Awesome! Way to go!

  2. Yeah it's great when you see someone tribute your work. It was a great custom & it always makes me happy to inspire others!!