CUSTOM DVD covers (layout design)

Something I enjoy doing is making custom covers for DVDs & CDs. I've shown CD design here on the blog in the past, but here's an example of my DVD work. Using existing images & picking out text, color, design elements, etc. to show my graphic design skills...
Here's some examples done for DVD animation complete collections.

GI Joe: Sigma 6 cover art by Jon Sommariva colors by Jamie Boylan, back images trademark of Gonzo/Hasbro

Galtar images trademark of Hanna-Barbera/Cartoon Network

Sky Commanders image trademark of Hanna-Barbera/Kenner-Hasbro

*None of these are official & are only done from a design/packaging standpoint, as the titles are not current or upcoming releases & are done for my own personal collective. None of these images are to be duplicated or distributed.

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