UNLOCKING THE VAULT # 3: MOTU Character Sketches '05 UNCUT!!

SY-KLONE (unfinished WIP):
based on the 200X figure

I thought I would help celebrate the new highly anticipated MOTU CLASSICS this week, by "unlocking" my MOTU 200X vault again to bring my friends here on the art blog some of my never-before-seen "Masters Of The Universe 200X" art work!!
This art dates back to 2004~2005...
Since these have never before been released from my archives to the fan community, all the dirt & flubs are there that I would normally clean, so you can really see my sketching process. Hopefully you will enjoy this installment as much as the my other 2, as they are all direct character sketches used as practice!

HE-MAN (Shield-Strike):
based on the newly-tooled armor 200X figure

based on possibly my favorite figure of the 200X line...
based heavily on the symmetrical look of the 200X figure

based on the 200X figure

TEELA (unfinished WIP - UNCUT):
based on the 200X figure with some anime influence, this figure is censored on the ORG by myself for non-descript nudity to meet the board standards, but the figure was a wip & never got to the "uniformed" stage so you can see the UNCUT drawing here!!

based on the 200X figure

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  1. Hot damn, this stuff is awesome.

  2. Mike Graziano11:04 PM

    These sketches are great, I found this link from the he-man.org forums. I was wondering if you do any sort of commission artwork I have an interesting idea of 2 painting/pictures I'd like to hang in my house, and your style I think would be perfect for it. Email me at Chillin800@yahoo.com if you want to discuss it. If not keep up the good work, your style is fantastic.