New Adventures Of Teela: MOTU Redesign Challenge #85

Created Specifically for He-Man.Org's very special 85th redesign Challenge (The New Adventures Of Teela) here are my entries...

TEELA (New Adventures):

CHARI-VARI (my own creation):

MAN-AT-ARMS (New Adventures) ~Grayskull Green version:

Even though we are only committed to entering 1 entry to be considered for this challenge, I decided on 3 entries so I could really flesh out some ideas I had for what would have been happening on Eternia during the New Adventures phase, loosely based on some of the elements mentioned for the unmade Season 3 story arc of NA from Olesker's thread outlining some events that may have transpired if the 2nd HE-MAN series (in the 90's) would have continued.

This vision of "Teela" is an updated version of her original NA character design elements & I was also influenced by the anime "Karas" in both creation & sheme, plus adding some minor elements from Teela in 200X.

"Chari" is my own fan-character creation, made specifically for this challenge.
I find that Eternia's history repeats itself, King Grayskull had The Oracle, & He-Man had Orko, so if Teela becomes He-Man & MAA becomes Skeletor, then Chari would become Orko. Not a Trollan, but fufilling the obligations of that wacky sidekick-type character. Her design is based around some of the costume elements I saw & loved at this years amazing Cirque Du Soleil: Kooza show with my long-time friend Katrin from Germany. ^_^

The color scheme seen here for Man-At-Arms (Grayskull Green) was made by my brother Brian. I can't thank my 2 brothers Randy & Brian enough for all their imput on what you see here, they really helped tighten up some of my artistic expression.

I hope you all like my entries, as I very much enjoyed the time thinking & creating my vision of a NA Teela & co. for this challenge. As I see it very fitting as a big Teela fan to be my 1000th post on He-ManOrg...


  1. Your art owns. Best of luck with the contest, and keep up the great work. By the way, I really dig your pilot Scarlett avatar and the "I'm a Pilot Now!" tag line!

  2. Thanks my friend!! I know you from the HISSTANK on "Ages 25 & Up!!" And that's a very funny comic!! I appreciate the acknowledgment here on the contest & on the new "Pilot Scarlett avatar." Stop by often the art blog is updated at least once a month!
    All the best!

  3. Oh yeah, 1337W422102, as you probably know the "I'm a Pilot Now" tagline is from the original Macross.