UNLOCKING THE VAULT # 2: MOTU Character Sketches '06 UNCUT!!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! And to help celebrate I am UNLOCKING THE VAULT AGAIN to bring you some of my never-before-seen "Masters Of The Universe 200X" art work!! This time a compilation series of full figure sketches!! All the dirt & flubs are there that I would normally clean, so you can really see my sketching process.
From Top to Bottom/Left To Right
SKELETOR was to be used with him & his henchman (drawn seperately) in a big Evil Warriors piece at Snake Mountain... this piece was never finished.
BUZZ-OFF was my 1st attempt athe the "New Legacy" series piece featuring him & Grizzlor in a much less action-packed moment & more of a "Hey you... Stop!!" moment. Sometimes you need to get out more than one idea for your artwork, & I am glad that I did... as I am much happier with the finished piece shown here (earlier in the blog), that still remains a fan-favorite!!
EVIL SEED was a drawing session I was having with my friend Jared on sketching MOTU figures, I roughed this out in a few moments to show him some direction on how I would go about a solitarty piece of Evil Seed, who he was sketching out at the same time. This is a rare find, as you normally would not see me draw a non-action figure made character in MOTU, as I like to work from the actual figures on my art.
This HE-MAN was used as a reference piece for me... I would always use it as a character study as for how I would want the He-Man character to look each time I redrew him in other works. Kind of like my "Default He-Man." He is more anime-styled than I would draw MOTU now, with his boy-ish looks featured here.
TEELA (Nude) UNCUT!! Most artists draw their figures without clothes first to make sure they are getting the body porportions & pose down pat, then drape the clothes on, this Teela is no exception, & looks more like a figure drawing from art class then a "Masters" piece, she was drawn nude & was fully intended to have her battle dress on & snake staff in hand, but I never went back & reworked the piece, so she has always stayed NUDE.
***This piece was mildly censored on He-Man.Org by myself & later by my good friend Baena to meet the family friendly forum standards, which is very cool with me, so here I present the original "UNCUT" version!!...!! @_@

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