I'm UNLOCKING THE VAULT!! And showing never before seen MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 200X art from my sketch pads!! First up is my "Head-Shots" from late 2005!! Created for the "New Legacy" fan-comic series, I did some character studies of a few characters I would be illustrating for that project as well as a couple others...
These have a little more anime influence then most of my MOTU work. All the dirt & flubs are there that I would normally clean, so you can really see my sketching process.
Here you see from top to bottom, left to right: "Battle Sound He-Man, Fisto, Adora, Buzz-Off, Moss-man, & Teela."

***FUN FACT: Teela was a seperate sketch, added to this picture replacing a "Jungle Attack He-Man" sketch that was to light for scanning... These are done with Blue-Lined non-photo pencil except for Teela who is is Graphite.

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