RISE OF THE BEASTS: Red Panda turnarounds

This character study of the Red Panda was made as part of the promotionals for the ROTB Kickstarter for series 2 by Jon Karis, showing the red panda concept in turnaround action figure format (for a potential series 3 or 4), ...some added correct colors for splash (like in the tail) and she looks ready for action!!
Hopefully we will see this drawing in Glyos figure-form someday soon!!  ;-)


  1. great character, I'd love to see more of your concept ideas . Jon Karis should have gone with this character as a second series design

  2. I really love this figure concept ,I truly hope it gets made and I would enjoy seeing more of your Rise of the Beasts concept designs

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for your kind words! I have designed other characters besides the Red Panda for ROTB that have not been revealed yet, but hopefully we will be able to reveal them after more figures come out! Jon Karis really likes my ideas and I will continue to be a part of his design team for ROTB! Thanks again for your praise!! I love the Red Panda too!