J-Rock: 20 Years Custom CD Covers Part 1

I have been listening to Japanese rock music for 20 years (for 30 if you count that I was listening to Loudness in 1986, which followed by Kitaro and Anime themes from 1993 on...)
But in 1996... X-Japan (thanks Jeff!) fueled a continued interest in the unique and powerful sounds coming from the land of the rising sun.
And the country that is the second largest music consumer in the world, has dealt us everything from rock, metal, visual kei, surf, alternative, idol, pop, power, neoclassical, and back.
My friends & I have been fortunate enough to see some of my long distance favorites live via conventions, venues, official media, and bootlegs. We have traveled far and wide to show our appreciation for the J-bands who have given us musical enjoyment (this Year I went to Japan & took in as much live muic as I could.)  Many have come and gone, and many are still here or are still to come, I wanted to recognize this musical journey that my friends & I have been a part of for the last 2 decades. Triumphs, defeats, inspiration, and an array of emotions have been carried out by the power of music and melody often in words we don’t understand, and it is through this open mindedness of the my friends & I that we are fans of music from a very unique place.  These custom covers  where created to commemorate our journey. 
(I own nothing & copyright of photos are owned by their respective owners.)

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