CD Covers (Acoustic Gorilla for my Father)

Over the last decade, my father Greg Para has been recording demos with his home studio tech.  Recently we uncovered some of those recordings, and he remastered them... from there I recorded them to digital, and was finally able to complete some artwork for his first produced demo acoustic instrumental CD!  The art was inspired by the title, and also the look of anime rock band Fire Bomber's "Acoustic Fire" CD from the 90's.  The CD is a mix of covers with 1 original song, and covering  a few X Japan tracks... as well as surf, folk, traditional, and more.  Something very special I was able to work on with my father so that his music is preserved forever for his family, friends, & fans to enjoy for years to come!

I also put together a "Best Collection" CD for my friends and I of the key music from "Attack On Titan," as we have been recently getting together to enjoy that series on BD. Images from  their respective owners & graphic design by me.  ;-)

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