Mystical Warriors Of The Ring Comic Book Cover Colors

One of the most exciting new indie toylines on the mini figure market today is none other than my pal Mark Vasquez's nostalgic anthropomorphic wrestlers "Mystical Warriors Of The Ring!" The figures are very reminiscent of the classic M.U.S.C.LE. line of the 80's with a more modern aesthetic and wild flare. The figures are around 2" but have varying shapes and sized dependent upon the character themselves, and have a lot of fun and flex packed right into them (just like back in the day!) Mark has 6 mini figures & 1 deluxe figure available including a female wolf character named "Yvonne" (my personal fave, and a rarity in the mini figure market!)   Another enjoyable aspect of this line is how much media has already been produced for it, including comics, animation, & cards that you can view right on the MWOTR site.  There is even a wrestling ring playset and play mat to add to your battles or dioramas.  Great for both kids and collectors alike you will be seeing even more MWOTR characters in the future, as there is big plans to keep this line expanding.  Proof of great things happening is that we have seen the beginning of the 1st spin-off line of deluxe figures called "Mystcial Warriors Of The Ring Evolution." This new era of MWOTR features poseable figures that have Glyos joints that are compatible with other Glyos figures!  The 1st figure "Goliath" is already available and is an instant hit with the now expanded fan-base. Mash him up with your favorite Kabuto Mushi figure or Glyos Neo Granthan and you have a battle armored Goliath ready to fight outside the ring on worlds unknown! 

Mark recently asked if I would do some colors on his talented friend's JB Roe's line art, and I was more than happy to oblige, the result is what you see above, the cover of volume 4, featuring the plucky twosome"Winged Fury!"  This was a lot of fun for me and I'll be doing some more color work for Mark in the future!  =)

And here's some pics of my own collection, including an extra  special "Manager version" resin figure of Yvonne!

 You can pick up some MWOTR figures of your very own right here at the Ringside Store!

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