Masters Of The Universe Origin Art Cards Part 3!

Continuing with my Origin Project I introduce you to the next 2 in the series!  The project started off with the unpublished Whitman Origin characters as the basis, & before I knew it, I expanded the universe "art card idea" to include 50 characters total for the 30th Anniversary of Masters Of The Universe! Next up is the 1st of the set to include mostly "non-Whitman Origin Comic characters," this time with influence from various sources such as the original card 8-back, & prototypes!

TALLSTAR: She is based on the original 80's prototype figure mixed with my own ideas about the character, I used Nicole Chilelli from SyFy's "Face-Off" as inspiration for the character, & it kind of gives her a circus meets goth vibe... & in this art fanon , she is the last her kind! 
ZODAC: One of my favorite MOTU characters, based on his appearance from the 8-backs & "The Power Of Point Dread" record book, where he appeared to have white monster feet...I always loved that coloration as a kid & it was my 1st impression of a character that I very much wanted, the mighty Zodac!

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