Masters Of The Universe Whitman Origin Tribute EXTRA

Here is another illustration of my "Origin" take on TEELA!! As I did at least 2 or more drawings of each character in part 1 & 2's designs, & I liked this alternate portrait enough to finalize it! I use this image as my current avatar on He-Man.Org, (1st time I've changed it almost 9 years!! lol), as I like how my old one of Teela looked condensed, but now I use this new piece to promote my newer art style... Enjoy!

This was may original "Card Art" for the "MOTU: Origin" Series, it was meant to be much more explosive & galactic (like the original 1980's vintage MOTU figure backing cards.)  After placing the 5 made characters (of the time) on the background myself, & with some crits from my brother Brian, I ended up scrapping this concept, as it was to busy for the character art... But, since I spent some time developing it, & this blog is all about the stories behind my art, I thought this "behind the scenes look" fit nicely here...

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