I created this image as the first of my "Roller Derby" art series, & who better to start off with than New York Gotham Girl legend & USA Derby all-star "Suzy Hot Rod!!" I had the pleasure of meeting Suzy at the 2012 North East Derby Convention in May & presented her with the artwork (& the original sketch), which she loved & said she would have framed!  She is incredibly athletic & a very nice person! Had my pic taken with her & saw the best Derby of my life in an all-star black & white Derby battle!
My plan is to do a series that may include the categories of "Derby Legends, (My) Hometown Heroes, Hollywood Heroes, & Inspired By (Real Rollergirls)."
The character art itself was based on several images & videos of Suzy, & I gave her a type of Flash animation-style look.  For the background "card art," I wanted it to have a feel that I think evokes both the retrostylings of Roller Derby's roots, & the Modern-Day stylings of current Derby's punk-type aggressive art.  I hope you all like it as much as she did!

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