SNAKE EYES ~25th Cards 2008 project!!

Hi! As mentioned previously, I plan on doing some Joe-Art for 2008, & came up with the concept of doing "animated style character design cards." Basically if I was designing a Joe cartoon, how I would make them look, based on the current toyline, then placed on a collectable type card. I would like to do one character a month represented from the 25th line (only characters in the current toyline), & will try my best to do that, time provided. It's a good challenge for myself & hopefully you will enjoy my take on the characters. I started off with Hasbro's #1 Joe... Snake Eyes!!
1st up, here's the original SE from the 25th Joe 5-pack...

Much like Hasbro, I love recolors, so here is 2 more versions of SE from the 25th, "Comic Colors" from the wave 1 comic packs, and "Black" from wave 5!!

Yo Joe!!

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  1. great to see your joe project starting up, JS. can't wait to see more! :D