LIGHT SPINNER (Character Design)

Created for He-Man.Org's "MOTU Redesign Challange #79"... "Light Spinner" is the original name of the trecherous Horde Sorceress "Shadow Weaver." Featured in the classic POP Filmation series & in the comics, Light Spinner was a fun take of how Shadow Weaver started off before her journey to the dark arts. The design for her came to me at work, & I was actually thinking along the lines of the anime "Burst Angel" with this design. As you can see, anime/videogames/manga does have some pull on my design asthetic, particularly years ago, & still always creeps in today! ^_- I have been a big anime fan for a long long time, so it will always be an influence on me. I also looked at Harem Girl costumes for influence on this... When I was designing her color scheme, (and as mentioned on the Org) the character "Riku" came to my mind too, as the Final Fantasy series has some minor pull on me, but it was a non-intentional, more "after the fact," & I think it's great if this design has a little Final Fantasy flavor... It's that wiley blonde hair, & Riku is adorable so it's all good... In the end, here's my take on Light Spinner, (I did Casta... so I figured I had to do her friend & rival )... complete with bio!!
Hope she does well in the fan-vote!!

I came up with the "Magic Rune self-mutalation" bit to show she's a bit... well... distrurbed...
...And on that note Merry CHRIStmas!!
***UPDATE*** she came in 1st in her poll & 2nd overall!!

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