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Congrats to all the participants on some excellent entries! And a special thanx to all the Orgers who voted for me! I really appreciate it! ^_^

Created for the
"MOTU redesign challenge #71: Female Ranger prototype" contest on He-Man.Org...(1.2007)
This was an interesting challenge because it was based on a design of a never-released prototype of a figure for the original 1980's MOTU line. The figure had 2 designs, one that resembled a female Native-American, & one that resebled a female barabairian with a very Frazetta influenced style. Being a big fan of MOTU, Rangers (from D&D), and the female-form, I had to give this one a try.

I went for a backstory envolving my Ranger being a descendant of the GREEN GODDESS, & then keeping with a ranger-style attire, added an element of mystery, goth, & a minor touch of Native American.
I tried to include what looks like maybe had a bit of influence on the 4H's "Jungle Attack He-Man's" bow (shown here in the proto-sketches) as the Ranger weapon of choice...
Hope you like her!!!

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