HELIX Avy Bust

It's no secret that my favorite figure from the new GI Joe ROC line is "Agent HELIX. " Wonderfully stylized, beautifully sculpted, & fully loaded, Helix is one of Hasbro's most dynamic & best ROC offerings of 2009... A debatable "Mary Sue", she was created for the EA ROC video game & amped up n the IDW comic from a martial arts/gymnast to an mysteriously autistic super soldier... When images popped up of the EMO-JOE I knew she was going to have a special place for me, & it seems many others, with her starting rep, unique flare, & good looks, she has truly made a name for herself early on among fandom. Either way I love her & wanted her as my new avatar when I was promoted to mod status (thank you) on the HISS TANK website (best GI Joe site on the web imho) . "You Don't pick the Hiss Tank, the Hiss Tank picks you!!" ...

So here is my "rock star" Helix head-shot in a FISH-EYE style view.